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So just when I thought Gosho had forsaken me and forgot all about my Satou and Takagi we are graced with the glorious File 804.


So I'm sure most of us have seen the Chinese raw. If not, you can do so at DCTP in the spoiler section. I personally started cheering (hysterical, happy screaming), did a little jig (which included some very potent fist pumps) and jumped up and down.

So now, my thoughts on this magical instalment <3

SPOILERS! Last warning!

The first page begins with Takagi-keiji walking down the sidewalk (sneezing adorably) and is then called out by Yumi who seems to have been following him in her cruiser. As they chat Takagi tells Yumi that he has left early not to investigate but because he has somewhere to go tonight that he will sleep over at and then be back at work the next day. (An important note that Miike is also in the car). Yumi then asks (to my extreme delight) if he is taking Satou-san to the hot spring and then staying overnight with her somewhere. (YES Yumi-san! YES! Great suggestion and insinuation of very M rated activities! Sounds like one of my err…interesting? fanfics, but I digress...)

Unfortunately, Takagi informs her rather seriously that this is not the case. This is actually the cover page and oh my does Takagi ever look handsome <3 *drool*

Back on topic! Not even Miwako knows where he's gone! Though we do learn of some interesting things. Namely that Takagi-keiji had a mentor that died! I have no idea what kind of mentor he was, a coach? Perhaps wrestling related, LOL. It is also learned that Takagi is popular amongst the female traffic officers <3 HA, ha, ha! That makes so much sense considering how handsomely lovely Officer Takagi is! And Satou-keiji is very cute when jealous!

Perhaps the most important part of this file comes next when he is at the airport. He seemed normal and then all the sudden,.........He...started to cry! (I started to cry too). And why is he crying!? He may have lost confidence in his ability to make Satou-san happy! He even has another engagement ring (Ring #3). Just when I though he couldn't be any more sweet and perfect, he is. He was sobbing in the airport, by himself, with his ring. WOW. I am like, 'can someone please make <3 to this man?! Seriously. I know I would.

And off course the all-important memo of MEET THE PARENTS...

Whose parents? His mentor's? Someone else's parents? His own! Will we finally learn the background of the most handsome character in DC?! :la:

THEN! The next day, it is after receiving a parcel that is said to be for Satou from Takagi (by some creeper/criminal...) IT is discovered that our beloved officer has been kidnapped!!!! OMG, an ipad given by the creeper shows a camera image of Takagi unconscious, bound, (unfortunately) still dressed (fanservice denied), with a rope around his neck, tape over his mouth (but not entirely denied) and suspended up on a scaffolding beam with the ground nowhere in sight!

WOAH! I....freaked out. (Though it is rather sexy). Big time. Who has done this and why?! Where is Takagi!? Is it a grudge against him? Possibly Satou-san? Is it related to his mentor's death? Is this wherever his plane was headed or was he kidnapped before he boarded and is still in Tokyo. SO many questions...

Whoever has done this obviously knows of Satou and Takagi's relationship. I know what you're thinking but I swear it wasn't me. I would certainly not have put him danger! Though I would also have bound him but to a comfortable bed for peet's sake, and with a little less clothing. Plus, I would never tip Satou off! She'd kill me.

Ahem...which brings us back on track. WHO is dumb enough to kidnap a police detective? (Other than me, thank you). I can't wait for the next file. I hope this is 8 files and not 3. That would be amazing!

In trying to guess who is behind this--> well it could be some unknown criminal with a grudge against them. Someone they arrested and such. Maybe this is one of those "If I can't have him, No one can." things with a creepy obsessed stalker (again, not me). I have no idea! Then there is also the mater of the parents he was meeting. Let's assume he was meeting his own parents…why would he be so upset about it. Was he given up? Are his biological parents even alive. GASP could it be that Takagi is actually a prince who rejected his crown to live as a (poor) police detective! LOL, I can dream. Others have mentioned that perhaps his family is tied to the BO. I hope we find out! I am ecstatic over this development as I am sure all Satou/Takagi fans are.

Perhaps…he will propose to Miwako! <3 <3 <3 I would love for them to kiss again. This time a hot, steamy, passionate one. <3 You know what, if Gosho-sama wants to get a little M rated with them that is fine with me.
Now…we wait for the English version!


Team Taru-chan <3


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the genberbent file 373 thing - Ah I haven't been on in a couple of years - I've missed you too Phoenix-san (woop there goes the honorifics again but it seems odd to call you without ahah even though I'd like to think I've grown out of that a bit weeb phase)
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What was really soft and warm wasn't the bedding, but ...
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Oh yes we do<3 Now the question is have the 'done it' or just slept together<3 i can't wait to see what happens in the next file!!!! Satou and Takagi are so in love!
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